Scandinave Thermal Journey Passes

Visitors to the Thermal Journey are invited to take advantage of its wide array of amenities, including the outdoor Hot Baths, Cold Plunges, Waterfalls, and Fireplaces, as well as the indoor Saunas and Steam Room and the indoor and outdoor lounging areas. It is highly recommended that guests experience the myriad benefits of cycling through the hot, cold, and relaxing installations included in the Thermal Spa circuit. Rain, shine, or snow, the renowned Thermal Journey is open every day.

Visitors to spas must be at least 18 years old. Each visitor is given one Thermal Journey pass.

The ideal method for unwinding and relaxing! When reserving any of our accommodations, select the optional Scandinave Spa Blue Mountain Thermal Journey pass.

On average, the journey from Danby House to Scandinave Spa Blue Mountain takes approximately 40-45 minutes.  The drive through the Beaver Valley is particularly breathtaking. As you make your way to Scandinave Spa Blue Mountain from Danby House, consider exploring some delightful stops along the journey. Thornbury, The Heart's Tavern and Bar, The Fishway, The Mill Cafe, Pom Pom, and more await you with their unique offerings. These recommended destinations provide opportunities to indulge in delicious food, experience local attractions, and immerse yourself in the charm of the surrounding area.

Don't miss the opportunity to visit Scenic Caves along your journey. Scenic Caves offers a truly remarkable experience that shouldn't be missed on your route to Scandinave Spa Blue Mountain.

Make your trip even more memorable by exploring these suggested stops along the way.

We recommend savouring the Thermal Journey at Scandinave Spa Blue Mountain for approximately 3-4 hours before venturing out to explore the other attractions in the Blue Mountain Village area. Take your time to fully immerse yourself in the rejuvenating experience offered by the spa. Afterwards, you can continue your adventure and discover the various attractions and offerings available in the charming Blue Mountain Village.

Danby House can assist you with your spa reservation from Monday through Thursday.


To guarantee a relaxing Spa day, we recommend that guests book a reservation at least one week prior to their desired date. Planning ahead will ensure availability and allow for a seamless and enjoyable experience.

If you're interested in reserving a SPA package for a weekend (Friday through Sunday) or need a last-minute getaway, please inform us either via a phone call or email, and we'll make every effort to accommodate your request.

To reserve this choice, pick your room and then check the Scandinave Spa Thermal Journey passes box on the reservation page.

Peak Season  (Dec 16, 2023 – Jan 7, 2024 | Feb 17 – 25, 2024 | Mar 9 -17, 2024 ) blackout period for Scandinave Spa Passes. During this time, guests would have to make their own Thermal Journey reservations.

Scandinave Spa is closed for renovation on June 24-27, 2024.

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