Make Your Stay sweeter with Gourmet Goodies

Choose one of our selections of gourmet snacks to enjoy during your stay. Select from Handcrafted Artisan Sweets, Chocolate Lovers or the sweet and salty Danby Delights with your room booking.

Handcrafted Artisan Sweets


Handcrafted in small batches, this assortment of sweets more than satisfies any sweet tooth!

  • Caramel glazed artisan popcorn drizzled with a decadent vanilla cream topping 100g
  • Crispy deluxe mixed nut artisan brittle  90g
  • Chocolate covered caramels 100g
  • All natural maple artisan shortbread 50g
  • Pecan and almond salted caramel artisan popcorn 100g
  • Chocolate enrobed almonds 100g


Chocolate Lovers

A decadent and thoughtful way to start your stay...

  • Handcrafted Dutch chocolate shortbread 50g
  • Chocolate enrobed almonds 100g
  • Dark chocolate cherries 100g
  • Chocolate covered pretzels 100g
  • Belgian organic dark chocolate 40g
  • Belgian organic bold espresso dark chocolate 40g
  • Belgian organic maple crunch milk chocolate 40g

... Make it extra memorable by pairing with your own champagne!



Danby Delights

The perfect sweet and salty smorgasbord of treats you will love to share.

  • Sour gummy cherry slices 100g
  • Salty pretzels 40g
  • Chocolate covered almonds 100g
  • Spicy Cajun snack mix...delicious! 100g
  • English wine gums 100g
  • Chewy chocolate caramels 100g
  • Deluxe mixed salted nuts 60g
  • Dark chocolate cherries 100g

... Makes a sweet welcome!



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